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Since 1979, we have been collecting information relating to the descendents of William Wood and this information,
 together with numerous biographies, photos and documents, has been put into a quite sizeable book.

The fourth edition has been prepared and contains over 7,000 names. Consequently, the information is too big for one book, and has been split into seven separate volumes:

1. William and Ann Wood, the parents, and their children
2. Mary Ann Wood;
3. James Wood;
4. John Wood, George Wood, Payler family in Leeds;
5. Elizabeth Wood;
6. Lucy Wood; and
7. Joseph Wood.

The first printing has been sold out, but a further printing is planned for February 2013. You can download and print an order form by clicking here. To check which volume(s) you require, click here to send us an email, giving as much knowledge of your ancestors' names as possible and we will try to locate you in our records. We will respond as soon as possible.

All of the volumes except volume 4 relate to individual family members and their descendants. Volume 4 relates to John who did not have any children. John Woodís baptism on 28th March 1830 at Sutton Forest, though he had no descendants, marked a permanent change in family residence from Leeds, Yorkshire England to Bong Bong, New South Wales, Australia. This volume also includes reunion memorabilia, biographical notes and letters from Williamís sister Grace Robinson, Annís sister Harriett Hudson and her brother James Payler, birth, death and marriage certificates and family genealogical diagrams showing links with Wood, Payler, Fotherby and Eastburn families in Leeds, Yorkshire, that are an interesting outcome of research done on our behalf by British Ancestors Research Ltd. in Leeds. Also included are copies of the actual research reports from British Ancestors.

 We do not guarantee that all entries in the charts are perfectly accurate, as some of the data is supplied by relatives etc who do not necessarily have intimate knowledge of the people being described. Places given can be where the person lived, the church or hospital where the event occurred, or the place where the event was registered. Our aim is to locate the town where the event occurred as accurately as possible so that future generations can trace their ancestors. In all cases, we have used our best endeavours to keep the information as accurate and current as possible with our limited resources.