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The descendents of

William Wood          and         Ann Payler

    1788 - 1854                                                1798 - 1864

Welcome to our website.  Our line of the Wood family has been meeting annually each year since 1979, and, during that time, we have gathered a great deal of information relating to the family, but there are many people that we must have missed. We are always seeking to find these people and offer the information on this website in the hope of doing so. We also offer it as a way of communicating with each other,

The first written reference to the name Wood was in Leicester where they held land in Thorpe Arnold
under the Earl of Leicester. 

The official origin of the surname derives from living in or near a wood as with other surnames like Bywood, Underwood, Redwood etc. Another explanation is that it derives from a trade-name. A further explanation, an enticing one, is that it comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning wild and frenzied. This could refer to one of the original carriers of the name, Aelfgifa la Wode, who fought the battle of Senlac Hill at the town of Battle in 1066. He was defending his land following William the Conqueror’s edict that all property of those supporting King Harold should be confiscated. Many of the old Wood coats of Arms depict naked wild warriors on their shields which seems to lend support to this idea.

  Of the many Wood family mottos, one is “Tutis in undis” which, surprisingly, does not mean We all wear undies,
but rather Safety on the waves which was given to Sir Andrew Wood of Scotland, not as a ship builder,
but as protector of Scotland, and Scotland's first Admiral. Theis same Sir Andrew Wood was made
Clan Chief of MacDonald by king James IIII of Scotland

Check this photo 

This photo was taken some time during the 60s at a family reunion. Can anyone recognise any of the participants or the house 'Orielton'?

If so, click here to advise us of the person's name and the position in the photo.